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  2. Hi there!

    I would like to thank you guys for creating and sharing the system for free for our fellow roasters and me aswell.. my intention of writing a feedback is to show my appreciation on the efforts of each intelligent individuals who worked hard on the current software that we all are using.. however, i would want to suggest if we are able to modify the digital numbers on the right side to included our ror per min and auto calculation of roast development percentage as the roast progresses on the development phase. This will complete the total roasting software experience.

  3. Please comment on the contact page. Write a message using the form instead!

    You can get the RoR LCDs on the right side by activating them in the Extras Configuration dialog (menu Tools >> Extras, 1st tab. The corresponding flags are called "DeltaET" and "DeltaBT".

    For Rao's development percentage calculation, check-out the post on Phases LCD here: